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Micah & Sophie

More often than not I sit around and wonder how in the world I get so lucky to work with such amazing couples. It seems like somehow I’ve been eternally blessed to work with the kindest and funniest couples on the planet, and Micah & Sophie are no exception. I honestly think we all laughed about 90% of the session, which left me driving away from the session with such a happy heart! A winter engagement session is always such a gamble in Minnesota. It’s either 0 degrees out, or it actually manages to warm up and become a muddy mess. We somehow managed to luck out and get a random warm day after some good snow, so I think all of us were smiling a little extra that day since we weren’t out there freezing!

Micah & Sophie are really two peas in a pod, and I don’t think I’ve ever met a couple that just balances each other out so well. There’s usually one half of a couple that keeps the other one laughing, but these two had each other giggling the ENTIRE session and I loved it! These two have to be some of the happiest people ever, and I’m so excited I get to capture all the excitement! I have absolutely no doubt that their wedding is going to be an absolute blast, and I can’t wait for a day full of laughs and celebration!

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