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Kyle & Mallorie

Family Farm – Owatonna, MN

There’s been several pivotal moments in my career that stand out, and this wedding would be one of them. When I moved here almost six years ago to photograph weddings on farms, everyone though I was crazy. They still do. Sometimes I do too! I was 22, freshly graduated from university, and wanted out of Arizona something fierce! Moving to Minnesota was not something I had as a goal for when I graduated college; I actually think I made the decision to do wedding photography and move to the midwest several months before I graduated. All I know is I was DETERMINED to shoot weddings on farms and experience a side of life I knew little about. Getting the opportunity to tell the story of a wedding day at a place that holds so much family history was SO appealing to me (it still is). Over the years I’ve photographed some amazing weddings at barns, but never at a family farm. When Mallorie reached out to me saying her and Kyle were getting married on her family farm, I was sitting over here praying they moved forward with me and doing a little happy dance at the thought of it! The good Lord let that happen, and after 5 years I got to do exactly what I came here to do! And man oh man, it was amazing!

Let me just start by saying that Kyle & Mallorie are some genuinely kind people, and I think their wedding proved that. They had OVER 600 GUESTS!!!! Guys, that’s crazy!!! It was such an experience to see that many people come out to celebrate a couple. I can only imagine how much of a production it was to prepare for that, but the crazy thing is that the day went soooo smooth! The second I showed up everything just flowed right in to the next thing with no hiccups. I take that back…one of Mallorie’s horses got some delicious black snot right on Kyle’s suit when we started couple portraits, but I guess if that’s the worst thing to happen then that’s a good wedding day! In all honesty, it really turned out to be the perfect summer wedding.

It was so fun for me to capture the day because I know Mallorie’s family had so many memories there already, so this was another one for them to add to the book. Anything I captured was just adding to the history of the farm, so it was an added fun bonus for me! I actually captured my favorite image I’ve ever taken at this wedding, and I think it will be that way for awhile (you’ll see it when you scroll down to when Mallorie was getting ready)! The picture is of her grandma watching everyone getting ready, with her mom in the background, in the house Mallorie grew up in! I know I would certainly cherish that image, and to me it’s one of the most meaningful images I’ve ever taken because of the people and the setting. I didn’t get to talk to her grandma much that day, but she seemed like a quiet, sweet lady, and I think the image captured that.

Aside from the excitement of capturing my favorite image, I got to photograph the couple with Mallorie’s horses which was a first for me! New things on a wedding day are always a treat, so I had so much fun getting to be a part of that. I LOVE to learn new things, and this wedding was perfect for that! I don’t know a ton about horses or farming, but I got to learn some cool new stuff about it at the wedding. I usually don’t tell my dad a ton about the weddings I shoot, but when I told him I shot a wedding on a REAL farm that also had horses, even he wanted to see! When I was home a few weeks ago I sat and showed him pictures from this wedding for like an hour and told him all the info I learned about tractors, corn and soybeans (thanks for answering my questions Kyle & Mallorie)! Needless to say, him and I both were pretty excited I got to photograph this wedding!

I really am not the best writer, and my absolute favorite part of my job is getting to blog weddings and tell the story of the day through images, so I’m going to let the pictures tell the rest! This wedding really was a career highlight for me, and I’m ecstatic I got to capture it!

View Kyle & Mallorie’s winter engagement session, follow the link below!

Vendor Team

Florist: Kleckers Kreations

Catering: Omar’s Kitchen

DJ: Greg Lammers – Chopper DJ

Makeup: Alyssa Brandt

Hair: Pentagles – Lauren Garbers

Dress: Effie’s Bridal Trunk

Rings: Kottke Jewelers

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