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Tony & Tonya

To say that I am SOO overly excited to capture Tony & Tonya’s wedding is an understatement. Hands down this is one of the sweetest couples I have ever met in my life! Tonya seemed so sweet over the phone when we first chatted, but when I met these two in person they really blew me away! You can tell these two are just genuinely nice, happy people who are SO in love with one another…and as a wedding photographer that is a dream come true!

My favorite thing about this whole session was Tony’s willingness to try anything and have a good time. You could tell he was actually excited and happy to be at the session, and for that I am so grateful! Enthusiastic grooms who absolutely adore their fiancĂ© and one of the highlights of my job, and Tony was the prime example of one! I didn’t even have to tell him what to do, he was more than willing and ready to sweep his girl off her feet the entire session!

I absolutely can not wait for these cuties wedding next July at the Loews Hotel. I can only imagine the love and laughter that will surround these two on their wedding day, and I can’t wait to capture it!

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